A Path Less Traveled - 4th Full Length Album

A Path Less Traveled
Sick Of The Times
Dead Wind
Cod Liver Oil
Down On My Luck
There Is A Time
Shankill Road
Happier Living
Walk Like Giants
Whiskey Is The Life Of Man

Dead Wind - 3 song EP

Dead Wind
Sick Of The Times (slow)
Cod Liver Oil

Blood Rust Whiskey - 3rd Full Length Album

Dry Bones
Fly Away
Long Gravel Road
Fire On The Breath
Bury Me
Dirty Old Town
The Banshee
Finnegan's Wake
Train In Scotland
Drunk In The Gutter
Rowdy Soul

The Wake - 2nd Full Length Album

Hell's Shovel
New World
Taken Hand
Coal Car
South Australia
Flesh And Blood
High Noon
Cold Water
Devil's Tale
7 Days

Dark Luck LP - Limited Pressing of 200 Yellow/White Vinyl

Down on My Luck
Dry Bones
Bury Me
Flesh N Blood
Rich Insteada Pretty
Dark Hollow
Fly Away
High Noon
Hell's Shovel
The Storm